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Business visa

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Business visa

If you visit Russia on the business purposes (negotiations, consultations e.t.c.) you need to have Russian business visa.
Business visas can be single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry Thus in order to get your Russian visa at the Russian Consulate abroad you need to have single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry official invitation letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation .
An official letter of invitation for business visa can be telex type or the original letter. The telex usually send by visa service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly to the Consulate of the Russian Federation at the country and city you marked in our application form. Applying for your visa to the Consulate, please be ready to give a number of a telex (that we give you when the telex is sent) . The original of the invitation letter you receive from our company and if you wish we can also deliver it to you at any city of the world by express post service (additional payment for post expenses is required).
If you are planning to come to Russia with your family, all the members of your family can get visas like attendants (accompanying members of family). The invitation letter is issued separately for each member of a family (the only exception is children written in their parent passport).

Our price for business invitation var. from 40 – 1500 USD depending on aims of visit to RF.
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